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Bookings are at the moment without deposit and with full flexibility*. 
Promo codes are only available by online booking on our website
Book your 2022 stay now and enjoy 10 % off with promo code "2022" 
Book minimum 7 nights and get 20% off with promo code 20227+
Book minimum 3 nights during easter and enjoy 20% off with promo code E22 

Always best price when you book online directly on our website. 
* For booking of 5 or more rooms we ask for 50% up front payment. 

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Welcome to Tenuta Miranda

Tenuta Miranda is the ideal place for groups of friends, families on holiday, company management who needs to get away for work, and anyone who has anniversaries to celebrate. Explore the area, relax by the pool, mix a drink of your choice from our self service bar. Or rent a bike and get some exercise. 

We are located between Asti and Alba on the border to the Unesco World Heritage Site of Langhe-Roero and Monferato

160 km from Milano Malpensa

90 km from Torino

95 km from Genova

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Trude and Jon

Suite Moscato

Luxury and traditions

Our buildings are totally and carefully renovated ensuring the luxury feeling yet preserving the traditional Piedmontese style. 

We offer 12 double rooms, all with separate bathrooms.

At Tenuta Miranda you will find double rooms, suites and possibilities to connect several double rooms around a shared living room. This gives great flexibility to create rooms and suites for families and smaller groups. All with the same luxury comfort and atmosphere.

At Tenuta Miranda you will be able to charge your electric car, but you will not find single use plastic dishes or shampoo and shower gel in small bottles. 



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Wine and food

Barbaresco, Barolo and Moscato d'Asti are all famous wines from our area. 

Our nearby town Canelli is part of the Unesco World Heritage Site due to the underground cathedrals which are still used to store wines from the local producers of sparkling wine made using the traditional method (Champagne method). 

Along with the traditional Piedmontese cuisine the rich production of high quality wines offers unique food and wine experiences. 

We team up with experienced and local chefs and wine experts to design wine tastings, wine tours and cooking courses. 


Relax and exercise

You cannot eat and drink all day, even in Piemonte!

Relax by our infinity pool with stunning views over the vineyards.

Go for a walk in the vineyards. 

Rent an eBike to explore the beautiful scenery.

Or go for the Italian style road cycling on the roads in the valley - or even in the hills among the vineyards.

Or make a visit to Torino, by your rental car or by train.


Simply tell us what you prefer. We'll arrange for it. 

Our vineyards 

Tenuta Miranda is surrounded by 4,5 hectares of grapes. 

Our main grape is the Moscato, used to make the famous Moscato d'Asti. Or actually Moscato di Canelli, with its origin in our very neighborhood. 

Besides Moscato we also have Pinot Nera and Chardonnay, in this region mainly used to produce the wonderful Asti Spumante using the traditional method.