Food and wine

Staying at Tenuta Miranda you are in the midsts of one of the worlds most exciting regions when it comes to food and wine. And grappa. We have teamed up with people who will take you into the cuisine and wine of the region. 

Caroline Schoning is a Norwegian-Italian chef who has been living in Italy for 30 years. In our kitchen she will arrange cooking courses teaching you how to cook italian dishes.

Pietro Giovannini is one of the most experienced food- and wine journalists in our area. He is from Barbaresco and will open doors to wineries according to your taste and level of wine knowledge. Pietro is our wine tour designer.  

Check out our suggestion for a wine tour here. 



Our area is full of great restaurants at all price levels.

Wether you just want to have a wonderful handmade Italian coffee, or you prefer a glass of wine accompanied by some local ham and cheese, or you are ready for a Michelin Star restaurant. Our local town of Canelli has them all, but there are plenty more to explore in Barbaresco, Barolo, Alba and Asti. 

We will guide you to the kind of place you prefer, and we will only recommend places we have tried ourselves. Simply ask us, and we will make a reservation!

Places to visit

Tenuta Miranda is in the heart of Piemonte! And being named a Unesco World Heritage Site our area offers a unique scenery and history.

Our nearby town of Canelli is well known for its ancient underground cathedrals still used to store the famous Asti Spumante sparkling wine. A tour through the cellars of Contratto and Coppo followed by wine tasting is highly recommended. 

Canelli is also the home of the Bocchino Distillery which makes fine grappa matured in oak barrels for decades. 

Alba, the capital of the white truffle, is just a short trip by car away from Tenuta Miranda. The famous truffle fare is a unique experience!


You cannot eat and drink all day, even in Piemonte!

Relax by our infinity pool with stunning view over the vineyards.

Go for a walk in the vineyards. 

Rent an eBike to explore the beautiful scenery.

Or go for the Italian style road cycling on the roads in the valley - or even in the hills among the vineyards. We can arrange for guided tours!


Simply tell us what you prefer. We'll arrange for it. 

Truffle hunting 

Tenuta Miranda is right in the middle of truffle land. Meaning the white truffle!

From end of September and throughout November is truffle season. You can hunt you own truffles together with skilled hunters and their dog. Or you can just enjoy white truffle being sliced over your dishes at nearly every restaurant in the region if you want to spoil yourself! It is certainly not for free...